Food & Beverage
Food and Beverage

Field Service Management Software for Food & Beverage

Companies that service or supply the food and beverage industry use the Next Service FSM software to run like clockwork and operate on-platform with NetSuite for a seamless digital infrastructure.
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Next Service has been a game changer for our service business.

Christophe, General Manager at Australian Beverage Corporation

An Australian coffee supplier replaced paper-based processes, manual data entries, and disconnected software systems with Next Service, creating a fully integrated platform for service delivery that brought all jobs, activities, and data under one umbrella. Visibility and control improved for managers, while morale and productivity improved for technicians. Most importantly, clients were happier thanks to superior service. 






  • Scheduling
    Intelligent Scheduling & Dispatch
    Expedite service and put the right tech on every job with intuitive scheduling tools that work at any speed and scale.
  • Inventory (1)
    Real-Time Inventory Management
    Monitor the location of every truck, part, or piece of equipment in real-time to minimize truck rolls, stop stock loss, and trigger automatic reordering.
  • Asset management
    Asset Management
    Keep ongoing records of all assets under service that electricians can access (and add to) from the field. Improve first-time fix rates and start offering preventative maintenance packages.
  • Mobile app
    Customizable Mobile App
    Change how the mobile app looks and functions so technicians have an ideal tool to access information, instruction, and assistance anywhere in the field.
  • Work Order Management
    Continuous Work Order Management
    Capture all job details from scheduling through the entire service life cycle to improve coordination, meet all client expectations, and ensure accurate billing.
  • Reporting & Analytics
    Revealing Reporting & Analytics
    With all service data on the same platform as the robust reporting tools in NetSuite, it‘s simple to analyze and report on performance for better decision-making.
  • Safety & Compliance
    Reliable Safety & Compliance
    Techs can follow checklists and forms in the field to ensure they comply, then use digital signatures and pictures to provide proof in an audit-ready format.
  • On-Platform With NetSuite
    On-Platform with NetSuite
    The NetSuite ecosystem contains dozens of powerful business tools that can all run on-platform with Next Service, combining their strengths into a unique tech tool.

Excellence in Food & Beverage Service

Next Service FSM software enables the fast, effective, and consistent service clients demand in the food and beverage industry. Using intuitive tools that synchronize service delivery, Next Service takes service delivery to new heights, along with productivity and profitability. 






  • Safety and Compliance

    Use the customizable checklists and workflows on the mobile app to ensure that food & beverage staff follow correct procedures. All information flows seamlessly from field-to-office.

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    Woman worker checking product bottles on the conveyor belt in the beverage factory. Manufacturer and Inspection quality control
  • Inventory Reports

    Make sure the right parts are always in stock and that essential tools don’t go missing by monitoring the entire inventory in real time. Visibility into upcoming jobs enables strategic reordering to control stock levels and costs. Techs can track what they consume in the field with a bar-code scanner or facilitate the return process. 

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    Business man checking quality on laptop in factory
  • Asset Management

    Store the entire service history for any food and beverage equipment in one place with fully customizable fields. Techs can access this info through the Next Service app to inform the repair process and improve first-time fix rates. You can also offer lucrative preemptive maintenance packages by tracking when assets are due for service and dispatching someone automatically.  

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Next Service Turns Users Into a Well-Oiled Machine for Food & Beverage Service

Food and beverage service involves many moving parts, and Next Service keeps them working as one with a complete field-service toolkit running on-platform with NetSuite. The Australian Beverage Corporation saw its performance improve in remarkable ways:
  • 60%

    faster invoice and payment
  • 50%

    faster spare parts dispatching
  • 80%

    fewer data issues
How Next Service Saved Time and Money for a Bustling Coffee Supplier
How Next Service Saved Time and Money for a Bustling Coffee Supplier
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Take Service (and Success) to the Next Level with Next Service FSM Software

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