Facilities Management
Facilities Management

Facilities Management

Take the frustration out of fieldwork with FSM software for facility management providers. A digital toolkit running on-platform with NetSuite manages all jobs, inventory, and technicians while maximizing revenue and customer satisfaction.
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With NetSuite and Next Service, it became easy to change our processes.

Aidan Jessen, Quality & Training Manager at Auto Ingress

Auto Ingress, a company that sells and services automatic doors, chose Next Service to replace outdated technology and paper-based processes. With a seamless solution for all aspects of service delivery, everything from scheduling to inventory management improved. And since Next Service perfectly syncs with NetSuite, Auto Ingress gained a data-rich digital foundation on which to optimize, expand, and innovate.  


  • Scheduling
    Streamlined Scheduling & Dispatch
    Quickly schedule and dispatch technicians while monitoring all in-progress jobs in one place to prevent common problems and utilize more billable time.
  • Inventory (1)
    Informative Inventory Management
    Monitor the parts and equipment in inventory used in the field and in need for upcoming jobs through a single portal to prevent shrinkage and improve ordering.
  • Asset management
    Dynamic Asset Management
    Any device, even one offline, gives techs an app with all the data, documents, and support they need to complete jobs and meet expectations efficiently.
  • Mobile app
    Powerful Mobile App
    Give the people in the field access to vital tools and information through their mobile devices. People in the office and the field stay connected and are always coordinated.
  • Work Order Management
    Collaborative Work Order Management
    Digital work orders move seamlessly from schedulers to technicians and into billing when the entire process happens on one platform, and technicians can update records from anywhere.
  • Reporting & Analytics
    Accessible Reporting & Analytics
    Having all service data inside NetSuite lets you take advantage of robust yet intuitive reporting & analytics to understand performance better and formulate planning efforts
  • Safety & Compliance
    Smart Compliance Tools
    Ensure techs follow all safety, compliance, and client requirements by putting checklists and forms that technicians need to follow in the app before getting digital signatures and photos as proof.
  • On-Platform With NetSuite
    Deep NetSuite Connection
    Next Service operates inside the NetSuite ecosystem and runs natively with many other leading business tools, making it easy to undergo digital transformation and reap the rewards.

Excellence in the Field

Facilities management providers are defined by what happens in the field. Next Service has powerful modules for service delivery that each work in sync so that every job runs smoothly for each person involved: 


  • Scheduling and Dispatch

    Color-coding between jobs and technicians identifies the best person for every work order. A comprehensive job board displays everything in progress, with a map view of every tech location and the means to filter, explore, or amend any detail. An app emulator lets schedulers see what the techs see and ensure they have the correct information.


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  • Inventory Management

    Never find a piece of inventory unaccounted for again. Next Service tracks the location of everything, including what techs consume, with a barcode scanner that records the part on the client invoice. There are also tools to streamline returns and forecast future parts requirements so that inventory facilitates more service instead of the opposite.  


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  • Asset Management

    Techs can access an asset’s full-service records while in the field to inform what work they perform. They can also update those records from the field, ensuring that every detail is recorded. With better asset tracking, you can offer good preventative maintenance packages to clients eager to keep equipment up and running.  


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Next Service Raises the Bar for Field Service in Facilities Management

Replacing outdated, disconnected, and underpowered technologies with powerful FSM software that’s customized for your company and built inside of NetSuite does fantastic things for performance. Auto Ingress saw significant improvements almost immediately after implementation:
  • 75%

    faster job scheduling
  • 20%

    more efficient asset management
  • 27%

    increase in field staff
How One Company Manages 3,000 Facilities with Next Service
Southeast Banking Systems uses Next Service to deliver specialized electrical services to thousands of banks across nine states, keeping the entire effort organized, synchronized, and profitable.
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Improve Performance and Unleash Opportunities with Next Service and NetSuite Working as One

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