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Fieldwork and the energy industry go hand in hand. Make every service delivery aspect more efficient, scalable, and profitable with Next Service field service management software.
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Next Service has a strong set of field service tools. The shining light is the mobile app.

Edward Nowakowski, Field Service Manager at Thermflo

Providing 24/7/356 electrical services to sensitive customers like hospitals and data centers, ThermFlo had to excel at service delivery. The Next Service software brings the entire service lifecycle onto one platform that techs can access through an app in the field. Having a unified system to coordinate all service activities helped ThermFlo modernize operations and turbocharge performance.  







  • Scheduling
    Scheduling & Dispatch
    Quickly match the job requirements with the staff and skills available while coordinating the complete schedule from one place. Get people on-site sooner and fit more jobs into one day.
  • Inventory (1)
    Inventory Management
    See the entire inventory, track what people use in the field, and forecast future inventory requirements to prevent everything from stock loss to part shortages.
  • Asset management
    Asset Management
    Keep ongoing records of all assets under service that electricians can access (and add to) from the field. Improve first-time fix rates and start offering preventative maintenance packages.
  • Mobile app
    Field Mobility
    Give the people in the field access to vital tools and information through their mobile devices. People in the office and the field stay connected and are always coordinated.
  • Work Order Management
    Work Order Management
    Track work orders through a single system that ingests all the relevant data and makes it available to anyone (from anywhere) that may need access.
  • Reporting & Analytics
    Reporting & Analytics
    Run analytics and generate reports on field service performance to understand the true strengths and weaknesses of the business and adjust for maximum impact.
  • Safety & Compliance
    Compliance Checklists
    Stay compliant with all laws and contractual requirements by having technicians follow checklists in the field and digitally collect signatures, photos, and other documentation.
  • On-Platform With NetSuite
    On-Platform with NetSuite
    Take advantage of the seamless data sharing and combined capabilities of Next Service and NetSuite, which run on-platform to form a singular business solution.

Service Excellence in Energy

Providers face new obligations and opportunities as the energy sector evolves and expands, especially around sustainability. Next Service provides an unparalleled toolkit to adapt today and thrive tomorrow.  






  • Scheduling and Dispatch

    Manage multiple jobs easily using a streamlined scheduling board with a drag-and-drop interface, robust filtering features, and drill-down capabilities. Dispatch notifications automatically include all the info techs need to stock their trucks properly and arrive on-site prepared. Dispatchers and technicians benefit from better scheduling, as do clients who can access services faster and more efficiently 






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  • Inventory Management

    Monitor where every part, tool, and piece of equipment is located, who’s using it, and how. The app lets people consume inventory in the field, keeping stock levels up to date. Better inventory visibility leads to drastic reductions in lost stock. And by integrating inventory and work order management, it is simple to plan future stock requirements and order accurately. 






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  • Field Mobility

    Give technicians an app that makes every job run smoother. People in the field can avoid common mistakes and miscommunications with comprehensive information about a job, client, or asset. Digital checklists and forms clarify precisely what procedures to follow in complicated situations. And since the Next Service app works even offline, the tools travel as far into the field, as necessary 






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Next Service Powers Success Throughout the Energy Industry for the Future

Next Service provides the all-in-one toolkit providers need to sustain and scale their success for years to come. Those tools deliver meaningful and measurable results, like these figures from ThermFlo:
  • 99%

    less data entry mistakes
  • 50%

    greater back-office dispatching efficiency
  • 18,000+

    completed tasks in one year
How Next Service Helped an Established Provider Reach New Heights
ThermFlo replaced antiquated and disconnected processes with digitized, integrated, and automated improvements using the robust toolkit offered by Next Service working in sync with NetSuite.
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Make Service the Centerpiece of Your Success with the Right FSM (Field Service Management) Software

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