Field Service Management Software for Construction

The fate of construction companies depends on what happens in the field. Organize and optimize every moving part with Next Service, a robust field service management software customized for construction and built inside NetSuite.
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The fact that (Next Service and NetSuite) worked seamlessly together made the choice a no-brainer.

Heather Roberson, Director of Customer Experience at TPC Construction Management Services

In addition to providing a fully stocked toolkit for managing field service on any scale, Next Service runs on-platform with NetSuite, creating a single platform and data source for everything. Connecting what happens in the field with what happens in the office unleashes productivity, efficiency, insight, and innovation like nothing else in the construction industry.  

  • Scheduling
    Smarter Scheduling & Dispatch
    Get all your people and equipment to the right spot using innovative tools for faster scheduling, more accessible dispatch, and better utilization of available resources.
  • Inventory (1)
    Effective Inventory Management
    Prevent shrinkage and improve ordering by tracking every part, tool, and piece of equipment in real time, including what people consume on the job site.
  • Mobile app
    Powerful Mobile App
    Every crew member can use an app to access information, retrieve documents, collect signatures and photos, and stay closely connected with the home office.
  • Client Engagement
    Easy Client Management
    Track work performed for the same client over time to improve relationships, expedite future jobs, and unlock new revenue opportunities around subscription services.
  • Reporting & Analytics
    User-Friendly Reporting & Analytics
    Simple yet powerful analytics tools help you understand performance in detail, and similar tools for reporting help you present those findings to bring more data into decision-making.
  • Work Order Management
    Centralized Work Order Management
    Work orders live in one place that any stakeholder can access and add to from anywhere, so everyone is on the same page.
  • Safety & Compliance
    Consistent Compliance Assurance
    The app guides people through checklists and forms that ensure they comply with all safety, environmental, and client requirements and have proof in the form of signatures and pictures.
  • On-Platform With NetSuite
    Deep Tech Connection
    Running on-platform with NetSuite means Next Service works in perfect sync with dozens of leading apps for construction management, business administration, and much more.

Tools for Profitable Construction Projects

Next Service has all the features you need to keep construction projects on track and all the data you need to monitor and manage performance on one platform to keep job sites running productively and profitably. 

  • Scheduling and Dispatch

    Color coding creates an easy way to match job requirements with the skills and schedules of technicians available. All in-progress jobs appear on an intuitive scheduling board, where you can drill into details or filter information. Map views highlight the location of each tech in the field, and emulation capabilities help schedulers see what techs see in their app to resolve issues quickly.  

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  • Inventory Management

    The location of every part, tool, and piece of equipment is visible to managers, all but eliminating shrinkage. Techs can scan the bar code on a part to instantly associate it with a sales order, and returns are authorized from the field. Close integration with scheduling helps forecast upcoming inventory requirements to order and stock trucks.

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  • Field Mobility

    The app gives HVAC technicians access to the information and documentation they need in any situation. You can configure the app in multiple ways. Techs can also access it offline, so it’s available even when the internet isn’t. First-time fix rate, client engagement, and even technician morale all improves with an app built for the realities of fieldwork.  

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Providing Visibility and Control to Keep Complicated Construction Projects in the Black

Construction projects have tight margins, requiring careful cost control. Next Service helps you minimize costs, maximize revenue, and engineer growth by running construction projects like clockwork. Here are the results after a Texas-based deck and fence contractor, AUSTEX Fence and Deck, upgraded to Next Service:
  • 40

    major clients served simultaneously
  • 2

    truckloads of materials are processed daily
  • 900

    projects completed monthly
How One Construction Company Turned Field Service Management into a Competitive Advantage
TPC Construction Management Services used Next Service’s diverse and deeply-integrated capabilities to manage their operations better than ever before and consistently take performance to new heights.
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