Industries Using Field Service Software

NextService is used by companies in a wide variety of industries and applications in Australia, North America, Europe, and around the world. Find out how it can help companies like yours using the links below.
Built for Oracle Netsuite

Agriculture and Farming

Provide exceptional service to your agricultural and farming customers, whether inspecting crops, consulting, or repairing or maintaining machinery.


Data Networking

Deliver unmatched service up-time. Automate maintenance schedules and ensures the right technician is assigned to the right job every time.



NextService helps electricians deliver prompt, high quality electrical services and build stronger customer relationships and loyalty.

Facilities Management Software - Garden Maintenance

Facilities Management

Schedule and coordinate teams more effectively. Manage and maintain building equipment using NextService asset tracking.

Food & Beverage Industry - Food Suppliers & Services

Food and Beverage

Keep companies in the food and beverage industry operating effectively, and supplying processing, distribution and food services to customers.

Field service software for the HVAC industry


Increased service revenue, technician productivity, and more. See the other benefits NextService provides HVAC industry users.

Software to Manage Healthcare Assets & Facilities


Use the NextService mobile app to ensure compliance with governmental regulations. Gather data in the field using built-in forms for in-depth reporting and analytics.


Inspection & Certification

NextService helps inspection and certification companies increase the number of repeat customers and customer referrals they receive. Learn how here.

IT Services

Provide reliable, timely support in your IT service management & maintenance business with NextService's intelligent mobile app and efficient scheduling and dispatch.



Improve resource planning and increase labor efficiency for operational excellence your customers will notice. Leverage field mobility to drive revenue growth and reduce expenses.

Maintenance Services

Prevent equipment failures using NextService preventive maintenance automation. Control inventory and personnel costs with NextService's mobile app and Scheduler. Learn how.

Field service software for the manufacturing and equipment industry


NextService helps manufacturers use service operations to boost revenue, customer satisfaction, and brand loyalty with full asset life cycle management and more.

Medical Equipment Management App

Medical Equipment

NextService helps medical device manufacturers to simplify compliance with governmental regulations. Learn more about how more mobile app can enforce workflows and processes.

Field service software for the plumbing and electrical industry


NextService helps plumbing companies deliver faster, more efficient service. And supplies the in-depth customer history and analytics needed to turn customers into brand ambassadors.

Field service software for the pool service industry

Pool Service

Automate service operations for increased efficiency. Track every technician's inventory to reduce leakage and contain costs. Find out how NextService can help.

Public Safety Services - Fire Fighters

Public Safety

NextService helps public safety organizations keep the everyone with rapid scheduling and dispatch, and enforced compliance with safety regulations and procedures.



Deliver more efficient, prompt sanitation and cleaning services, while ensuring compliance with regulations and safety procedures.

Software for Security Systems & Alarm Services


Customer asset tracking features in NextService enable security companies to boost service revenue and customer satisfaction.

Field service software for the solar industry


NextService helps solar companies cut costs and outshine the competition. Manage your solar assets and delight your customers.

Transport and Logistics

Provide prompt and cost-effective transport and logistics services to customers.

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