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What is a good ROI for field service management software?

What factors should be included in a valid ROI calculation? Every business needs to consider the ROI of each decision it makes.

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How does our calculator work?

Answer nine simple questions about your business and field operations. With this information we will use international benchmarks from leading studies and information based on our customers' success cases, to give you best-in-class insights on how you can save hundreds of thousands of dollars using Field Service Management (FSM) software.

Next Technik Return on Investment Calculator Disclaimer

In reference to the Next Technik Return on Invesment Calculator (ROI Calculator) we make the following disclaimers:

  1. Next Technik provides this ROI Calculator as a tool to help you explore the potential cost savings that your business could achieve when utilising a field service solution like NextService, so that you can determine whether to further consider NextService for your business.
  2. ROI Calculator savings are indicative only and are based on a combination of operating assumptions and your responses to the questions displayed. Actual return on investment may vary.