Company: SprintQuip
Industry Type: Wholesale Distributor

About SprintQuip

SprintQuip is Australia’s Leading Cash Machine Experts with products that include coin and high-speed note, ticket counters, weighers and scales, deposit machines, fake counterfeit money detectors, money safe, sorters, and reliable, trusted service 24/7.

Established in the early 1980s, SprintQuip has been helping improve efficiency and reduce the cost of cash management in Australia for the last 30 years. From very small beginnings with only three staff and a single cash handling supplier, the company has grown to become Australia’s leading, and largest, independent provider of cash management solutions.

Business Challenges

SprintQuip, prior to partnering with NetSuite and NextService, was using several point systems which led to increased administration demand on the finance, warehousing and service teams.

This caused:

• Back office administrative burden.
Clunky APIs (connectors) being used to link the various systems.
Limited visibility of field technicians’ movements.
Scheduling inefficiencies.

“NextService has enabled the service arm of SprintQuip to work on the same platform as the rest of the business, which has created efficiencies both in the field and within back office administration.”  Stephen Basford – General Manager of Systems and Compliance.

Customer Experience

Business Outcomes

SprintQuip are now equipped with one system giving a single view of the customer, along with real-time analytics and KPI reporting via dashboards. This has allowed SprintQuip to have the information necessary for accurate and timely business decisions.

Technicians have the ability to capture spare parts and costs in the field, including time and expenses. Through this streamlining of inventory management and billing, SprintQuip has a full understanding of the profitability of each, and every single job.

Through the easy to use mobile application, technicians can quickly complete checklists and compliance forms and, with the real-time WHS reporting, any workplace hazards are identified immediately.

SprintQuip have significantly improved customer response times, particularly for urgent jobs, as they now have real-time visibility of technicians through the power of the NextService Scheduler. Technicians can be re-scheduled even quicker during the course of the working day to allow for any ad hoc customer requests. Scheduled maintenance is also easily managed in line with contracts.

Solution Summary

NextService Mobile Field Service Management Solution
Built-in, on and for NetSuite
Customer Asset Management
Mobile Application

Immediate Impact

SprintQuip now has a simpler billing mechanism under one, unified system. They have seen a 15% utilisation increase across service technicians – 10% as a result of the more sophisticated scheduling tools and 5% from the ease of use within the system.

Technicians are reporting that they are saving thirty minutes per day (on average) due to the mobile device functionality. Scheduled maintenance has also greatly improved from 88% to 98%.

“The beauty of using NextService and NetSuite as a uniformed platform is that it gives us a 360-degree view of the business so we can leverage our strengths and focus on continual improvement of customer service.” Stephen Basford – General Manager of Systems & Compliance

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