Southwestern Scale

Southwestern Scale Case Study


Location: Arizona, USA
Industry: Weighing Solutions
Services: Sales, Service, Rentals, Manufacturing, Construction and System Integration of Weighing Systems
Systems Service Type: Installation, Repairs, Maintenance
Employees: 25
Field Staff: 17

About Southwestern Scale

Southwestern Scale specializes in calibration, installation, repair, consultative sales, rentals, heavy capacity truck scale manufacturing, construction, scale services and system integration of scales and weighing systems.

Business Challenges

Before implementing NetSuite and NextService, Southwestern Scale used various other accounting programs and whilst they were able to schedule field service, they didn’t have any offerings for mobility or doing jobs in the field.

With these systems in place, paper was the only option in the field. The desire to make that evolutionary jump, to find a solution that could enable their workforce to be digitised was what began their NextService journey.

“We want to keep NextService like our secret little weapon.”

~ Roger Dumont, President & Co-Owner

Southwestern Scale Case Study - Field Mobility Solution

Why Southwestern Scale Chose NextService

Southwestern Scale offer many services including Sales, Service, Rentals, Manufacturing and Construction.

As a business with multiple facets, it was not as simple as buying an off the shelf service module and that’s why NetSuite as an ERP and NextService as a field service module ended up being the perfect fit.

Technicians at Southwestern Scale can often work in remote regions, which meant finding a solution with offline mode was a deal breaker.

They wanted a software that offered an experience that was continuous and similar as possible to NetSuite.

“Having NextService as fully integrated with NetSuite, I mean it is NetSuite basically, sold it to us. NetSuite is so powerful, having that same power in our service dispatching is amazing.”

~ Kristin Miranda, Implementation Manager

Southwestern Scale Case Study - Remote Field Work

Business Impact of Implementing NextService

NextService allowed Southwestern Scale to schedule jobs more efficiently, provide an outstanding customer experience and expand their operations.


Having Southwestern Scale’s technicians using a tablet adds a layer of professionalism, which is extremely important as a current provider in the service industry.

Access to Information

Technicians can now access all their information from one place, whether it’s information about the job, machine or thousands of handbooks stored digitally.

Continuity and Repeatability

Mandating forms on the mobile means that the technician walks through a standard process every visit.

Whether the same technician visits the customer each time or a different technician, the customer receives the same experience using NextService.

This gives the customer confidence that every time their machines are being serviced, it is being done in the same way and thoroughness each visit.

Concurrent Dispatch

Multiple people can now be dispatching the same technicians remotely. This have given Southwestern scale the ability and confidence to expand and grow as volumes increase.

Remote Working

During the pandemic, working remotely became compulsory in Arizona. Using NextService remotely, not only ensured that the business could carry on with minimal impact, but also gave Southwestern Scale the confidence to be able to set up a remote office, potentially hundreds of kilometres away, expanding the business’ service reach.


100% Reduction in Paper Usage


Asset Insights

Customers can now see a full-service history of their assets are able to see exactly what has happened and what may need replacing in the future.

Instant Service Reporting

A printable PDF Service Report at the click of a button has meant that Southwestern Scale’s customers can view a complete service history immediately.

“We do not want our competitors to have the same advantage we have. If they don’t know what we’re doing, then they’re not going to realize that NextService is superior to anything that they’re going to have.


Especially when we add in the layers of our calibration, making the data do something for the technician and the customer from within the software rather than just being something that outputs on a piece of paper. You want the data to mean something and provide a reaction, whether it be the technician to suggest something or to do an action for the customers equipment. Whether that’s based off the age or some other specification. There isn’t another product out there that’s all encompassing that uses NetSuite that will do that.”

~ Roger Dumont, President & Co-Owner


Key Business Outcomes for Southwestern Scale

Implementing NextService resulted in some key business improvements for Southwestern Scale, based on the original challenges they were facing.

Challenge Outcome with NextService
Paperwork was inefficient with lots of double-handling and manual data entry Processes are now fully digitized with a 100% reduction in physical paperwork. Forms are now also digital and mandated so that field technicians can deliver continuity and consistent services.
Work needed to be carried out in remote areas with poor connectivity Using NextService’s offline mode, techs can still access their jobs when working in remote locations and record all the information they need until they reach connectivity again.
Dispatching high volumes of jobs was limited by only one person being able to schedule at one time The NextService Scheduler allows multiple people to be dispatching and scheduling the same people at the same time. This has given Southwestern Scale the confidence to expand their workforce to meet the demands of their customers.
Southwestern Scale’s customer lacked transparency over the work being completed and the history of each machine. A full-service history is recorded against the machine and this can be sent to the customer by just one click of a button. This has meant that the customer can see what has been done for each piece of equipment and is given the confidence in the professional service being delivered.

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