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Renova Energy is an employee-owned company that has been installing and serving solar and storage for more than a decade. As an accredited and award-winning company committed to customers, community and the planet it is focused on wowing customers and providing reliable, efficient and solar systems. Services range from onsite studies to full solar array and power storage installations for private and commercial customers.

Business Challenges

For Renova Energy inefficiencies around scheduling and service team management meant wasted time and additional cost. Even when service and installation teams were assigned work, it was very difficult to have visibility and respond quickly  when an emergency occurred.

Technicians could not see vital job history in the field as data was recorded at the customer level, instead of at the asset. This made it difficult to track in the back-office as well.

This caused;

  • Wasted time manually scheduling and visualising service and installation teams.
  • Increased paperwork in the field that had to be rekeyed upon job completion.
  • Images and notes from the job being stored externally and inaccessible through NetSuite.
  • Billing hampered because related job data was slow to input.
  • Technicians not having correct tools and inventory ready before starting jobs.
  • No visibility regarding prior service and install history for technicians onsite.
  • An inability to track the realtime location of field technicians.
  • A lack of automation around job updates and changes.

“We also had more that one source of data which meant the field service component had to mostly be re-entered into NetSuite. This was very inefficient and costly” says Marvin Roman – Vice President (Information Technology and Software).

Business Outcomes

We needed a single platform for all data so that we would have the entire history of a solar installation in one place. Even if the customer sold their home, the new owner inherits the history, and we need to show this to our technicians on the mobile app. Now they can see everything pertaining to each asset and this helps make quicker and more informed decisions. Jobs are now completed in less time and our customers get better service.” says Marvin Roman, Vice President (Information Technology and Software).

One System

Renova Energy found immediate and tangible improvements in efficiency when all job cases and tasks where automatically linked to a graphical scheduler with mapping visualisation. “We can now see time slots available for lengthy install or shorter service calls.” They found that the drag and drop functionality and, increased visibility of jobs and service teams across visual mapping, made scheduling much less time consuming.

Realtime Updates in the Field

When a customer calls the central office Renova Energy dispatchers can now match skills required, availability and proximity against their more than 90 technicians and the job requirements. This has enabled them to make on-the-fly decisions that don’t conflict with other business commitments. Technicians are automatically updated in the field via their Mobile App.

“Communication has improved drastically. We have literally hundreds of jobs across any given week. Customers often make changes and it was very important for us to finally resolve how to quickly update our teams in the field.”

Solution Summary

  • NextService Mobile Field Service Management Solution
  • Built in, on and for NetSuite
  • Scheduler
  • Customer Asset Management
  • Mobile Application

Immediate Impact

Through their partnership with NextService, Renova Energy have improved back office efficiency by 30% and found that technicians perform more work in the same number of hours. Managers can see the status of every job and every technician in real time. Automatic and immediate job data updates have meant that invoices are now paid five days faster on average.

“NetSuite + NextService enabled us to connect all our data – financials, scheduling, cases, service history – from anywhere, in real time.” Marvin Roman – Vice President (Information Technology and Software).

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