Pooled Energy

Pooled Energy NextService for NetSuite Case Study

Pooled Energy is an Australian company that has developed unique smart technology to automate residential swimming pools to reduce household energy consumption, pool chemical use, and pool maintenance costs.


Field technicians
30 field staff

Business Challenges

  • Tried using NetSuite Events and Work Calendars to manage field staff—inflexible solution and not designed to manage field service.
  • Ability for users in the field to interact with the business was limited via the NetSuite App.
  • Scheduling – ability to move technicians’ tasks around was very time consuming, lots of clicks, and also required Administrator permissions.
  • Technician data entry either done on laptops and phones or at home — causing delays and missing information.
  • Pooled Energy had written a mobile app to accommodate some of the shortcomings of NetSuite for locating customers but it wasn’t designed as a field service app.
  • Had no real-time visibility of technicians in the field.
  • Inventory–tracking parts and inventory where possible out of the warehouse, but it was a clumsy process.  There was no concept of truck inventory, and it was a very manual process to know exactly what inventory was consumed on a job and invoiced to the customer.
  • Previously sales jobs required double data entry for calendar reminders in order for the inside Sales team to support the Outbound Sales Team – leading to issues with multiple sources of truth.

Why Did You Choose NextService?

  • We shortlisted down to two options during the evaluation process, and NextService was going to be able to provide real time geo-location tracking of field technicians, which was important to us.
  • NextService was also the logical choice being on the NetSuite platform, ensuring that we could achieve process continuity out into the field and we wouldn’t need to manage integrations to other software.
  • Being Australia based was also very important to us for local implementation and support. 
  • NextService offered the ability for both Sales and Service teams to quote on new customer opportunities or upsells.

Business Impact Overall

  • We can now report on accurate job attendance metrics, job costing, hourly time spent by technicians and billable time spent on customers (guestimating previously).

We implemented NextService at a time when the business was making lots of improvements to the Service team. NextService was certainly an enabler in achieving a 25-30% increase in the number of jobs completed by each Service person.

NextService enabled us to achieve a 25-30% increase in the number of jobs completed by each service person. Without NextService on board, we would not have achieved this goal



  • The biggest progress we made was being able to track jobs and capture billable items immediately against the job. This now means that no time is spent working back through email history to determine billables for customers.
  • The Schedulers are more efficient, especially in our Sales department, with both the Service Teams and Technical Sales Teams utilizing NextService for work completion in the field.
  • Invoicing is faster and earlier and getting customer approvals more efficiently.