Olympus are renowned as industry leaders, providing a portfolio of innovative test, measurement and imaging instruments. Some of their technologies include microscopy, ultrasound, X-ray fluorescence and diffraction, a large selection of industrial scanners, probes, software programs and instrument accessories.

Business Challenges

Olympus previously used several systems to manage the business, resulting in difficulties with reporting, duplication of data and searching for data in different locations. Due to this, different teams and departments were not up to date with the correct information on each system.

Using a shared calendar amongst several field service and administration staff meant that employees were manually entering their schedules, then Regional Managers assigned tasks to field service staff based on information within the shared calendar. This generated confusion amongst staff; Olympus’ previous system required a VPN connection, so if an engineer was in transit without Wi-Fi or working in a remote location, they would be unaware that they were assigned tasks.

Before implementing NextService, engineers would spend up to an hour prepping information and data to enter into the system after job completion. The system was only accessible via internet; engineers would have to carry tokens of VPN authentication if working in remote areas. If there was no VPN connection, engineers filled out a word document and then copied the information back into the system when online.

Business Outcomes

Olympus have found that the schedule board within NextService has drastically improved their business processes. Administration staff can easily view the location of each staff member and see who is available for upcoming jobs. Using the drag and drop function, tasks are now quickly allocated to technicians.

“NextService is making huge contributions to the ways in which our field service and warranty management teams work. We are saving time, which means that work forces can solely focus on their jobs at hand“ says Jake Lee, Senior Information Systems Analyst.

Olympus have found that the amount of paperwork has reduced significantly, making company processes more efficient. Data entry in preparation for jobs and after job completion is now finished in a matter of minutes.

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