InfraCore is a New Zealand contracting company who maintains and constructs public infrastructure. InfraCore aims to continuously improve the quality of life for residents and visitors through the provision of high-quality and cost-effective services in the areas of parks and reserves, utility services, works and nurseries.

Business Challenges

Infracore faced enormous internal challenges due to the impact of having predominantly paper-based processes along with multiple systems for finance, reporting and assets. Reporting back from the field was difficult and frequently inaccurate. There was no visibility over the productivity of the field technicians which often required double checking, including having to cross-check GPS information from vehicles.

This caused:
Internal processes to be slowed down due to duplication.
Information being lost due to paper-based processes.
Delays in information back from the field which was also often inaccurate.
An inability to get a good read on the efficiencies of the technicians.

“The end of month reporting would take days due to our multiple systems which impacted our ability to quickly report back to council”.  Mark Cooke – Operations Centre Manager

Business Outcomes

One of the many benefits since partnering with NextService is that they now have real-time information back from the field which means everyone across the business is seeing the same information, allowing them to perform their roles with more efficiency.

Infracore now has full visibility of its field team which means they can be moved quicker to respond to the many ad hoc requests common in their business. Regular, routine maintenance is working well as jobs can now be scheduled twelve months in advance.

Now technicians have had experience using the mobile device, they are feeling more comfortable with it and are armed with more accurate and precise information, leading to continually improving customer service levels.

Solution Summary

NextService Mobile Field Service Management Solution
Built-in, on and for NetSuite
Customer Asset Management
Mobile Application

“NextService gives us instant information from the field which is crucially important for Infracore because follow up works required through various SLAs now allows us to achieve our timeframes and KPIs more efficiently.” Mark Cooke – Operations Centre Manager

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