CPG Beyond

CPG Beyond Case Study for NextService


Location: Ashburn, Virginia, USA
Industry: Data Center Infrastructure Services
Services: Installation & Maintenance
Employees: 50
Field Staff: 25


About CPG

CPG Beyond, Inc. (formerly Canara) provides next-generation data center solutions to some of the world’s largest companies, ensuring that mission-critical services run efficiently and reliably, across the full life cycle of critical infrastructure management.

From design, integration and commissioning, to monitoring, staffing and maintenance, CPG delivers cutting-edge data center solutions that maximize uptime and minimize hassle.


Business Challenges

Before NextService, CPG was struggling with manual processes and disparate tools.

Scheduling of commissioning and maintenance jobs was being handled in Excel, and communication between dispatch, technicians and customers relied on email and phone, with was inefficient.

Field staff were completing their field service reports either on paper or in Microsoft Word, and submitted either by taking a photo or dropping them at the office.

Streamlining and consolidating these systems across the two teams brought together by the merging of CPG and Canara was critical to the effectiveness of their operations as well as to their integration efforts.

“Deploying NextService was a quick, easy and effective way for us to get our arms around a scheduling coordination challenge central to our business.” ~ Chris Oberkfell, EVP Services Integration


CPG Beyond Case Study - Network Technician


Why CPG Chose NextService

CPG really wanted to get their internal communications and operations right.

They were looking to unify their NetSuite investment and wanted an “all in one” solution with better capture and display of data.

They selected NextService for two main reasons:

  1. Full native integration with NetSuite
  2. Cost effectiveness

Both of these factors were important, and the native installation and operation allowed for a quick configuration and deployment, which sped up their efforts to improve the business.

CPG also considered MSI ServicePro and FieldAware, as well as some other smaller tools. By looking at third party integrations and API coordination, along with the associated costs, they were able to make a better decision and more accurate assessment of total cost of ownership (TCO).

“The visibility and structure allowed us be much more effective managing our resources and the demands of our customers.” ~ Chris Oberkfell, EVP Services Integration


CPG Beyond Case Study - Servers


Business Impact of Implementing NextService

NextService allowed CPG to respond effectively to both customer-driven plans and emergencies and manage their resources efficiently.


  • Having a single source of information is very helpful so that everyone can see what is going on
  • There are records of what happened and it is all integrated into NS which allows meaningful reporting to be shared effectively
  • NextService makes it very easy to have all the data in one place to aid in better decision making


  • Integration and the mobile app allow CPG to immediately provide customers with documentation of work, along with any recommended additional efforts or follow up
  • Documentation and communication is important to clients, which is retained and archived in NextService via PDF generation


  • Dispatch resources spend less time communicating with technicians, and directions, work scope, contact points, etc. are all easily shared – both for original scheduling and if things have to change.
  • The technicians all know where to look, what’s coming up and how to follow the tasks via the mobile, plus they have an easy means to signal completion of work
  • Being able to layout schedule and understand resource utilization versus staff levels has been very helpful for managing the team
  • Integration of visit documentation helped CPG reduce their support staff due of the readily available historical information and the easy validation and confirmation of job completion


  • Systemic recordkeeping and communication means actual paperwork is greatly diminished
  • CPG have greatly reduced the workload for three of three administrative staff such that two of them have almost entirely different roles and responsibilities now
  • All the information is attached to the Task-Case-Project-Sales Order and available to various functions after the fact as needed, without unnecessary emails, file folders, etc

CPG Beyond Case Study - 65% Reduction in Admin Work


  • CPG chose to build in the ability to signal follow up quoting requirements which has helped them capitalise on these important customer service opportunities and the related revenue

“We have far fewer instances where we are showing up to wrong place, or with wrong materials and surely avoided some repeat visits.” ~ Chris Oberkfell, EVP Services Integration


Key Business Outcomes for CPG

Implementing NextService resulted in some key business improvements for CPG, based on the original challenges they were facing.

Challenge Outcome with NextService
Excel based calendars Systemic calendar allows reporting of schedule and coordination of time tracking that allows analysis of work and effectiveness of various technicians.
Communications reliant on phone/email Mobile application and task structure simplified communication of site locations, points of contact and scope of work. Moreover, job completion reporting and follow up requirements is communicated externally and internally with the click of a button.
File folder archives Systemic record keeping and documentation allows CPG to be more responsive to customers and more easily share with various internal stakeholders.
Inefficient management (dispatch) CPG greatly relieved pressure and involvement of three administrators and their paper-based process – two have almost entirely different roles and responsibilities post NXS. When lead scheduler was out on leave, others were able to quickly and seamlessly pick up schedule workload while maintaining their other functions.

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