NetSuite Engineer

Last updated: 13 September 2022

Software Engineers are responsible for delivering value to our business and our customer base.

We’re fostering a product development environment where:

  • Outcomes are the focus, rather than outputs.
  • Product teams consist of individuals with diverse skills, because no individual covers all bases.
  • Ownership between teams and individuals is clear.
  • Teams can make time for experimentation to reduce the risk around upcoming work. This helps teams to become more ambitious without jeopardising outcomes.
  • Reusable patterns are valued and utilised.
  • Teams work backwards from a desired outcome or goal rather than forwards towards a nebulous end state.
  • Teams are high-leverage, meaning they’ve utilised reusable patterns and their body of research to achieve greater outcomes with less effort.


All Engineers:

  • Deliver high-quality software. Business-as-usual for Engineers is the delivery of solutions through high-quality contributions to our codebase. They do this by embracing our established reusable patterns and tooling, test automation, documentation, and collaboration with their peers.
  • Explore solutions with your team and stakeholders. It’s not enough to simply execute — Engineers need to have ownership over their solutions. This includes participating in refinements, solutioning, and creating initiatives, user stories and tasks.
  • Engage in the continuous improvement of your team. Every Engineer belongs to a team, and every team needs to constantly reflect on performance and effectiveness. In order for teams to self-improve, every member needs to be engaged in reflection (e.g., through reviews and retrospectives) and self-improvement.

Senior Engineers:

  • Evolve our reusable patterns and tooling. To be high leverage, teams must rally around standardised patterns and tools, to avoid having to re-invent the wheel every time they tackle a common problem.
  • Evolve our ways of working. Senior Engineers must champion software development practices that promote outcomes (over outputs) and work with their team to improve the operations of the team.
  • Technical architecture/planning. While all Engineers contribute to the technical architecture of our product when developing new features, Senior Engineers (and above) are expected to have a more long-term, cross-initiative opinion on our future architecture. When solutioning an initiative, they must consider other future initiatives and our broader technical direction, to ensure we’re working towards our goals.
  • Mentor the team. Senior Engineers (and above) should take responsibility for the success of others in their team.

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