Join us. Let's innovate together.

Join our global team of innovators and doers. We are passionate about creating software tools that change the way field service business is done around the globe. We’re a diverse collective of thinkers that build, design and code - committed to our work and the valued team we've created. We are united by our passion for doing great work and for spending time outdoors.


Join us as we embark on developing software that makes life easier. We bring amazing people together from around the world to make a change. We offer growth opportunities, with training and development programs that empower our team to expand their abilities into new skills.

Our Values

We invest in our people to help them develop and achieve their personal and professional goals, and we are committed to leaving the world better than we found it. The innovation that goes into our products is the same we use to make an impact on the world.

Customer Focus

Positive customer outcomes for long term success. Every new feature we include in our software is the result of people colaborating to bring ideas and making them a reality. Every one of us strives toward the common goal of delivering amazing customer experiences.


Ensuring Product Quality and Reliability.Our engineers have an intense focus on simplicity and user experience and that is why our software is beautifully designed. We judge our success not by the effort we put into it, but by everything the user benefits from it.


Driving innovation through technology.Curiousity drives us, we are thinkers and inventors. We welcome challenging conversations and we love shifting paradigms. We lead and embrace change on software development and distribution. We are constantly seeking new and better ways.


Taking ownership and accountability. We are all owners in the business and see the company as a two-way street. We procure an environment where our team members feel empowered to act and bring about change. Our culture fosters initiative, accountability, positive results and trust.

NextService Environment

We’ve created an inspiring and supportive work environment, looking for people who can both contribute and benefit from it. Everyone is an innovator, helping to create and promote software and experiences that make a difference for businesses around the globe.

Diversity and inclusion

Next Technik is committed to ensuring everyone on our team is accepted with equal opportunities when it comes to employment, career development and learning.

We advance gender equity by promoting women in leadership, and by investing in women’s education.

We celebrate lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer or questioning staff and learn from their experiences and what they bring to our workplace.

We value the richness of cultural diversity from all races, and the depth this brings to our team.

Safety and well-being

Many of our staff are working remotely, while balancing the needs of their families and navigating daily life in the new normal. We have adjusted our processes to ensure that we continue to thrive virtually, as we adapt to our ever-changing reality.

We are closely monitoring the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) regulations around the globe, while implementing processes that promote candidate and employee safety.

Agile NetSuite Aplications

Every project is a challenge and an opportunity to build innovative software. Our NetSuite developers love bringing new ideas to life and exceeding our client’s expectations.

We believe that cloud technology is the platform of the future. At Next Technik, we have chosen to focus on NetSuite, the #1 Cloud Business Management ERP Software Platform to develop our software. Our applications leverage the power of NetSuite and enhance customer engagement through our field mobility solutions.

Where are we?

We have customers all over the world, this is why we are focused on growing a team that has people from all over the world, too. We know that to increase our ability to innovate and to better serve businesses around the globe, we need to include amazing people who represent the whole variety of human experiences.

Our team

The people in Next Technik, developers of Next Service and more NetSuite apps is our important resource. We live to care for the wellbeing of our employees and their families, our people are our beating heart.

Next Technik is a great place to work because we start with values. No matter our cultural background if our values are shared, we create community. We are a focused team, and we embrace change.
Daniel Perry CTO & Operations Executive
Next Technik is such a great place to work, because there's always a wide variety of interesting projects to work on. I love Annaliese's vision and I'm thrilled to be part of such a vibrant, rapidly growing company.
Nikki Stokes Digital Marketer
Something that I love which resonates with me about Next Technik is that it's a family run business. Everyone complements each other, the conversation is always open and honest, and we all have the same core values. This is best summed up during our weekly companywide meeting, with a CEO led exercise session at the beginning and a unified 'Go Team!' at the end.
Archie Osborne Software Consultant
Blanca Gonzalez Graphics and Multimedia Design
I love working at NextTechnik because I get to work with an amazing team solving complex problems every day. I approach what I do by picturing myself as the customer and envision how I would like to be treated. Then I take that and use It for our customers to give them the best possible experience!
Brennan Shoykhet Service Delivery Manager
Tania Large Global Partner Manager
For me, work needs to be a place where I learn new things every day and can work with a motivated team. I have BOTH at NextTechnik!
Ben Castles Senior Solutions Consultant